CGR Creative Lists Six Questions your Business Should Answer Before Designing Your Website

CGR Creative Lists Six Questions your Business Should Answer Before Designing Your Website

Charlotte’s Web Design specialists at CGR Creative explain the importance behind answering these six questions before designing your company’s website. CGR takes pride in taking the time to fully research a client’s market and industry before beginning any creative project. Located in the historic South End neighborhood of Charlotte, North Carolina, CGR Creative has been quietly cranking out some of the best web design in the country.

Charlotte Web DesignCGR Creative’s Six Web Design Questions

Who is your client? It is critical that you identify your target market. This is not as simple as it sounds. Often business owners make assumptions about their market that do not stand up to investigation. Knowing your core demographic can inform design decisions and directly influence the effectiveness of your web site.

What problem are you solving? In order to be really successful, you must solve a problem for your customers. Your first job is to inform your audience about the problem and then direct their attention to your ingenious solution. The more dramatic the problem the more valuable your solution becomes.

What is your core service or product? What product or service are you most interested in selling? Often this is not the most or least expensive option you have available. At the movies, this is called MEDIUM. What product or service has the highest profit to effort ratio? In other words, what is your company best at?

What is your unique selling point? Why should they buy from your company? If you can’t answer, this question you need to reevaluate your marketing plan. What makes your cookie better? Does it taste better? Is it healthy? Is it made locally? Does it float? Can I see through it? Many times the Unique Selling Point does not have to make a whole lot of sense. Ivory soap designed a marketing campaign about the fact that their soap has more air than their competitors. Ivory soap floats in water… so obviously it’s better!

What is your call to action? Now that you have their attention, what do you want them to do? Should they call your 800 number? Should they “Click here Now?” Do they need to visit your showroom in order to be sold? You must decide exactly what you want your customers to do, and then ask them to do it. Most restaurants do not want you to email their manager. They really don’t want you to fax them, either. They either want you to show up and eat or to call and order take-out.

What are the objections you must overcome? Finally, what are the likely objections someone might have before making a buying decision? Can you lay the groundwork for overcoming those on your website? If price is a concern, you should provide comparisons right on your site. If service is a potential problem, you should provide some sort of warranty or quality assurance. If style or size could pose a problem address this clearly and have a return policy that clearly and politely states your guidelines.

Answering these six questions can literally put your business on the map, and you need to do that before you put it on the web! Give CGR Creative a call today to see how we can help meet your business’ design needs.

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