WordPlay Friday, From Your Favorite Charlotte Marketing Company

If CGR Creative was an acronym (well, it kind of is already, but you know what we’re saying), it would be something like this:

C – Creative, duh.

G – Ground Breaking. No, really, we come up with original ideas for our clients every day.  At first, they’re just ideas.  But put the team around the table with some Salsarita’s and fresh pots from the Keurig, imagination meets innovation.

R – Robust.  Our marketing strategies are not overviews, outlines, or high-level.  They’re down-right detailed.  Ok, so we MAY have stalked a few people/companies/blogs along the way, but when you’re dealing with serious business, we have GOT TO KNOW.


C – Culture.  At CGR, our culture is a true reflection of our capabilities.  We are social media mavens, graphic design gurus, web development die-hards, PPC Protégé’s and advertising advocates.  We speak many languages, come from a variety of backgrounds and love random hobbies.

R – Really, Really, REALLY versatile.  No kidding, we’ve done everything, and we’re never going to stop.  We represent a variety of brand as to not be niched, we execute polar opposite campaigns for our clients, and we have an arsenal of connections, allowing us to make ANYTHING happen.  Stilt Walker, sure.  Impossible webpage functionality, no problem.  Ridiculous social buzz around something that’s no big deal, child’s play.

E – Ever Present. The foundation of our strategies, to make your brand, always attracting eyeballs, generating thoughts, and, of course, fostering action

A – Advocates.  We don’t just work for our brands, we advocate for them.  We eat their food, workout at their gyms, share their promotions, retweet their tweets and buy whatever it is they’re selling.  Seriously, we’ve been mistaken for employees more times than we care to talk about.

T – Traction.  The thing is, anyone can build a WordPress site, buy radio ads, and write “content” for their online presence.  Unfortunately, unless they are utilized with a lot of strategy they do not add as much value as they can.  We make sure that your advertising mediums are right for your brand and executed to create lasting impressions.

I – Idyllic.  Sure, we’re not a bad looking team, but clearly, we’re talking about our graphics here.  If you need your brand visually communicated, we’re willing to bet our Crayola’s that you’ll love our deigns.

V – Visibility.  We kind of made this up, but it’s the best way to describe our tactics.  You see, visibility is the keystone to ALL of our marketing efforts. Be seen. Be heard. Be Remembered.

E – Electric.  We hate dull.  We hate boxes.  We hate BORING. We only do cutting edge, innovative, and AWESOME.  Sure, we may employ old-school techniques, but we give them a present day flavor.  Many people say they’re ideas are “futuristic” and they “always know what’s coming next”.  Which is great, and we do, but, we live in TODAY.  We want your brand, to reach your audience, today.  Not tomorrow, not yesterday, TODAY.  Get it? Good.


Hopefully, this acronym will help you understand why CGR Creative is, and will always be, the favorite Charlotte marketing company.



Our mission is to understand your marketing needs and partner with you to develop measurable creative solutions to gain visibility and market share.