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Our Services_

From print to digital, we offer an array of services that cover all of your marketing needs that will catapult your group to the top of its class.

At a Glance

Our research includes
several intentions and variants.

Thus, we obtain a valuable understanding of guiding strategy development rather than solely sourcing information. As the demand for insight varies widely, and research is ever-evolving, techniques must be as agile as the challenges our customers will face, and as dynamic as the clients they serve.

At CGR Creative, we consider competitor performance and market conditions not just at the beginning of a relationship, but for each and every project. Paramount to a campaign’s success, research enables us to understand the needs and wants of our audience and learn from peer successes and pitfalls.

As market conditions, competitive position, and community expectations evolve, it’s important to maintain comparative data to show fluctuations in the client’s performance. In order to best define success, we compare three different benchmarks: client data, industry data, and competitor data. We believe baseline data is most relevant when considered on an annual basis and use year-over-year assessments to pinpoint seasonal shifts in the brand’s performance.

We understand that a brand
extends far beyond a logo or a visual.

We understand that a brand extends far beyond a logo or a visual. Your brand is a direct representation of its market identity, quality of service, and reflects its voice as an authority. At CGR, protecting your brand will be a top priority in all communication, including tone, messaging, imagery, and market approach.

The way your company communicates to each of its audiences is critical to brand authority and sentiment. As bilingual marketers with a full understanding of the Latino culture, our team has the ability to create a genuine voice for distinct audiences. We will deliver your message in a culturally compelling way.

There’s a reason we named
the company CGR Creative.

From static and animated graphics to copy development, and the ability to create impactful marketing, creative assets are our strong suit. Our creative process starts by defining the purpose and how we will measure success. Not only does your creative need to be professional, stunning, and compelling, but at CGR, we believe it should also provide value.

Additionally, our experience working with both the public and private sectors lends to our unique ability to produce marketing creative that adheres to regulatory guidelines and carefully considers the organizations they represent. We are concise, yet sensitive with our words, as well as vibrant and inclusive with our visuals.

Sometimes, a project stretches slightly outside of our in-house capabilities. For specialized projects like photography and videography, we collaborate with the best in the industry.

Content with a
strategic and purpose.

Much like everything else we create, we believe digital content should have a strategic purpose hinged upon a strategy driven by business goals. Working with your team, we will develop a content calendar that holistically supports our digital efforts. With this approach, our content strategy can be driven by measurable KPIs and remain flexible to audience response and performance.

All content developed by our team aims to provide value to other parts of the digital strategy. Our team of experts is capable of developing content in a variety of formats, including, but not limited to, website and landing page copy, blogs, press releases, white papers, case studies, infographics, display banners, animated graphics, videos, and online advertisements.

Another vital component of our
digital marketing methodology.

Driving unpaid traffic to client websites from search engines is a must have. With dollars being added to other advertising channels and media buying, Google still remains the best source of “free” traffic to any website or app. Positioning your website at the top of search engine results for relevant queries best positions your company as the leading resource to its potential clients.

Pairing pay-per-click media buying and SEO services are also critical, as much of the keyword research derived from paid advertising and campaign optimization provides further insight into search trends. Not only will this data allow us to better understand the intent of your users, but also allow us to assign a dollar value to search rankings based on their PPC value.

Traditional media buying is most
effective when artfully planned.

When coordinated holistically, items such as print ads, tv commercials, and radio can be an effective means of campaign amplification. With many options available in traditional media, our goal is to ensure that your budget is not only adhered to but completely maximized.

Throughout each service, CGR’s creative methodology rests firmly upon the ability to track the success of our campaigns. Though there is a clear gap in the measurability of traditional media when compared to digital media, we develop unique tracking approaches to glean tangible ROI impacts.

Marketing intelligence
and data driven.

The first step to creating effective digital media buying campaigns for your company will be to review the configuration of any current or previous paid advertising campaigns to understand the pain points, inefficiencies, and successes. A primary benefit of marketing through digital media is the incredible insight that can be derived from the advertising platforms to make data-driven decisions.

This ensures that we are able to easily report success to internal stakeholders at multiple levels, from marketing managers to executives and cycle insights gained from reporting back into campaigns to continue optimizing the performance of conversion funnels.

From there, our experts develop a formal strategy that guides audience targeting and ad placements, all of which are meticulously tracked based on pre-defined KPIs. CGR’s agile approach to digital marketing enables us to quickly adjust campaigns to leverage high-performing assets and placements.

DataStrength by

Whether your organization is spending thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars in marketing, it is critical that the returns on that investment are not unknown variables in your advertising equations.

DataStrength by CGR will remove that uncertainty and provide a window into performance to ensure that you and your team can immediately report on the impact of organic and paid marketing efforts.

To accomplish this, our DataStrength platform will be implemented on two major axes: Upgrading and optimizing the tracking configurations for your web properties, then feeding that data into a digestible, dynamic report that is accessible 24/7 by you and your organization's key stakeholders.

Better and Better!

"we are so grateful for the way in which you supported this year's signature CBI event and worked so beautifully to respond and support us as we navigated the unexpected nature of virtual space."

- Dianne English - Executive Director, CBICharlotte.com


Our mission is to understand your marketing needs and partner with you to develop measurable creative solutions to gain visibility and market share.