ID, Please!

So what is the magic formula for turning on the “exact match faucet?”

This is done by satisfying the needs of the match as a real brand that happens to match.  Exact match makes sense; it exists to put brands with matching names first. If you search for “Dr. Pepper,” Google knows you are looking for what we all know as Dr. Pepper soda. The exact match needs to exist for for this reason. They realize that Dr. Pepper is a real thing and not simply a searched query. If you own a company with a name that happens to cross with exact match terms, you would likely lack competition for a term that refers to your business 70% of the time with those who only exist based on the other 30%.

So what makes you real?

The answer: a real footprint online, a real social presence, and, most of all, a real location, address, and phone number.

Get your exact match business on Google Business, and see what happens when you confirm the algorithm’s suspicions that you may be a real “thing” and not just a query.

The testing domain for this project was an exact match with 46,000 monthly queries in a city-sized market.

It was a “high competition exact match term,” and after 2 weeks it did not rank at all.

Once we built the footprint in a single afternoon, the testing domain went to #2 for its highly competitive term in a high competition market. It went from nowhere to #2 in exactly one minute, the second we confirmed its existence as a real entity and not just a keyword.

Exact matches that are being viewed as collections of terms will not get the same attention as those that Google is viewing as a branded term or proper noun.

Go from a noun to a proper noun, and see what your exact match domain does.

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