Stories That *Clicked* With Us (1/6/17)

It’s Friday, and the not-so-official weather forecast for this weekend is…
cold meme

Yes. It’s about to get really frostin’ cold in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas. If you’re planning on letting the predicted one inch of snow be your excuse for staying in (we are), warm yourself up with a few of our favorite articles from this week.


Stories That *Clicked* With Us – 1/6/17

10 Ways to Save Time in Creating Content

CMI (Content Marketing Institute) is a great resource for content marketers. Articles, podcasts, blogs–this is one of our favorite spots to gain inspiration. And this week, they shared 10 ways content marketers can save time creating content. From research tips to scheduling time to enlisting the help of an editor, this article had some pretty great tips. Read it here.

How digital marketers can reach millennials, baby boomers and more

For many marketers, millennials seem like the hardest to reach. Au contraire. With each individual millennial spending thousands of dollars online every year, it’s not so much a matter of how to reach them as where. This PRDaily infographic gives tips and stats for reaching every generation, not just the mysterious millennials. Read it here.

How to Identify the Perfect Influencer for Your Business

Influencer marketing is, like, kind of a big deal right now. So big, it was one of our trends to watch in 2017. This Entrepreneur article gives some pretty solid tips for identifying influencers using metrics, online tools and some good ol’ fashioned common sense. Read it here.

You won’t believe what’s replacing clickbait headlines!

We see what you did there, PRDaily. The truth is, users are sick and tired of clickbait headlines, and PRDaily reminds us of a few best practices for engaging with users, without tricking them into clicking. Read it here.

Twitter announces official shut down date for Vine

It’s over; it’s really over. Twitter announced this week that Vine will cease to exist starting January 17th. For-ev-errr. Read more here.


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