Stories That *Clicked* With Us (1/13/17)

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What a week! We don’t know about you, but this week has been jam-packed with excitement. From client grand-openings to launching social media campaigns to exploring client facilities and learning more about them, we all collapsed in contented exhaustion into our chairs this morning.

But the week’s not over, and there’s still more work to be done!

It’s been a busy week for CGR Creative, but it’s been an even busier week for the world of marketing. Here are a few of the stories that really clicked with us this week:


Stories That *Clicked* With Us – 1/13/17

What’s the story, Wishbone Instagram?

Instagram stories have become popular among brands, so popular, in fact, that earlier this week, Instagram announced brands will soon be able to present ads in their stories. This feature is just in the testing phase for now, but with one-third of the stories viewed each week coming from businesses, this is good news for brands.

Sharing is caring.

Except for when it’s not. An article from the Content Marketing Institute titled “Shares Are Not Enough” was a great reminder that engagement does not always = success. If your efforts aren’t driving traffic, building authority or helping conversions, what are they doing? It also covers other hot topics like amplification and link building. Read it for yourself here.

Snapchat’s biting back.

Yesterday, Snapchat launched universal search as a way to simplify navigation for individuals and brands alike. For individuals, this will make it easier to connect with friends. For brands, this will mean finding and joining the right conversations and growing your audience. This feature launched yesterday for select users and will be rolling out soon–we can’t wait to hear what you think.

Uber’s setting things in motion.

Uber recently announced Uber Motion, a tool that will help city planners analyze traffic patterns at any given hour of the day. If it seems like this is nothing but a generous data donation from Uber, think again. Better informed city officials = better infrastructure = a major benefit for Uber drivers. Read the full story here.

A solution for the camera shy.

2017 is the year of video, but what do you do if you’re feeling camera shy? Entrepreneur offers a few good video marketing tips for those of you who want to add video to your marketing strategy, but hate the limelight. Suggestions include screen shares, tutorials and product photography.


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