Salsarita’s College Football Kickoff: Battle of the Carolinas

Beers, burgers, and bourbon on ice.

Ahh, it smells like football season.  Finally.

We survived basketball, baseball, and slept through a variety of other games, matches, and tournaments, but football is different.  Football is better.  And college football?  There are no words.

From the all-day tailgates to the walks down memory lane, you are never as complete as when you’re spending a day of nostalgia-filled glory, cheering for your college team like a freshman on their first game day.  Or maybe your fandom stems from tradition and an unbreakable familial bond.  Either way, nothing makes you prouder than supporting your college team, season after season, win or lose.

Whether you’re sporting your favorite player’s jersey, a worn but still lucky shirt, a brightly colored sundress, or, in some parts of the country, a bowtie with loafers, we’re all fans.  We’re all proud.  We all know that going for just one more beer is always a good idea on game day but that hundredth buffalo wing was probably not.  We all know that there’s no camaraderie like the one between two sports fans and that a fair-weather fan is no fan of ours.

But, most of all, we all know that, win or lose, our team is our team, our friends, our family, and no matter what, you can bet we’ll be back next weekend, and the weekend after that.

And it all begins tonight.

At 6 pm, the University of North Carolina and the University of South Carolina will step on the field and face off for the ultimate battle: The Battle of the Carolinas.

Think your team has what it takes to be the triumphant team?  Go to the Salsarita’s location nearest you.

Say “Gamecocks,” and receive a FREE order of Poquitos.  Say “Tar Heel,” and receive a free Sol Lemonade.

salsarita's poquitos

Battling for the win, battling for the namesake, may the best Carolina win.

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