What Your Lunch Break Says About Your Creativity Style

The creative mind never rests…except maybe for lunch.  Whether you’re a desk-diner or a see-ya-in-60 luncheonista, how you spend your lunch break might shed some light on your creativity style.

Peanut Butter Sandwich


You’ve been having the same lunch for years, decades even.  Your mom started packin’ it in your lunchbox, and you never looked back.

Your creativity style is proven successful.  You find a system that works for you, whether it’s in your writing voice or in how you design a website, and you stick to it.  Why fix it if it’s not broken, right?

The only problem with this creative approach is that you might miss opportunities to learn and expand upon your already-existing vision.

It’s great to have a unique way of doing things, but don’t be afraid to try something different.  It is possible to make your already awesome way of doing things even more awesome.

[Add bananas and honey to your PB tomorrow.  You won’t regret it.]


Ethnic Food

Do you eat ethnic food every day?

When it comes to your creativity style, you like to keep things energetic and exciting.  You take risks, aren’t afraid to try new things, and understand that failure is just a part of life. No final product is hot enough, and deadlines?  You’re usually sweating to meet them!

Just remember to reel it in sometimes.  Sometimes old-fashioned simplicity really is the best approach!


Leftovers from Last Night


You know how to use resources to your advantage and can find inspiration in just about anything.   And, just like leftovers, when the box to your creativity is opened, you’ll have the entire office saying, “I want some of that!”

But don’t be afraid to search beyond your resources.  (Yes, this might mean opening the ol’ wallet every now and then!)


Buffet Style

what does your lunch say about you?

You dabble in a little bit of everything and provide your team with unlimited creative energy.  You might be a little indecisive at times and take things too far (just because you get unlimited trips to the buffet line doesn’t mean you needed that 5th plate!)

It’s great to be a Jack of all trades, but reel it in sometimes, and take the time to really focus and perfect one project before moving onto the next.


You Haven’t Eaten Yet?!?!

what does your lunch say about your creativity style

If your creativity and wordload is in such overdrive that you can’t even step away to grab lunch, the only thing your lunch says about your creativity style is that you need a vacation…ASAP!

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-Hayley Lyons (CGR Creative, Online Media Specialist)

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