Get Ready for 2014 with These Digital Marketing Trends!

2014-digital-marketing-trendsEach year brings with it new trends and changes. These trends are especially important in the world of advertising and marketing, where we are always trying to reach and appeal to our target audience. This year will be no different, with the following trends looking to be increasingly important to marketers.

One trend that will dominate in 2014 is content marketing. Rather than targeting the masses, advertisers are looking for a specific audience and are looking toward more niche avenues. This means creating engaging and shareable content that is written for a specific audience.  The goal is to keep your audience coming back for more and ideally sharing your content, which brings me to the next trend…

Shares are important! Whether it’s social media posts or blog posts, getting shares is essential for SEO. More shares mean that the content is probably higher quality. Google likes high quality content, so your content will probably rank better.

In order to get shares, you need to produce content that people want to read. One-way to do this is to have image-based content. Pictures make content easy to understand and simply more fun to process. Buzzfeed, Pinterest and Instagram all illustrate this idea. People are focusing more on images and less on lengthy pieces of writing. This isn’t to say that content that is text-based will no longer be useful, but well placed pictures will be beneficial to engaging your audience.

cell-phone-digital-marketingPeople are no longer solely accessing content from their computers. So, even though mobile was big in 2013 it will continue to be extremely important in 2014. The majority of people owns a smartphone or tablet and are relying more and more on these devices to get information. It’s important for marketers to adjust and to make all content mobile-friendly, in order to not be left behind.

These four digital marketing trends will be increasingly important in 2014, and essential to support SEO efforts.  Did we miss anything that you think will be big in 2014?

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