Social Media Marketing Tips From a Social Media Addict

While social media is relatively new, it has become an integral part of everyday life. Social media has many uses; it allows people to keep in contact with each other, it can be a resource to disseminate information, and it can simply be used as a source of entertainment.

That being said, individuals and businesses use social media differently and with different goals in mind. My personal Twitter account serves as more of a stream of consciousness, but Tweeting like that for a business wouldn’t be productive. When posting as a business, it is important to have specific goals in mind and a strategy for how to execute them. Posts are also different depending on the social media site. This is why it can be counterproductive to post the same content on your business’ Facebook and Twitter accounts. People also have no reason to follow your business on multiple sites if the content is the same.

Not all social media sites are right for every business. It is important to use the right sites in order to reach your target audience and to effectively disseminate your message. For example, LinkedIn may not be right for your neighborhood frozen yogurt store, and Pinterest may not be effective for a recruiting firm.

When posting, keep in mind that people want to be entertained. So relevant, interesting links and pictures are always a good idea. Something that captivates people’s attention is more likely to garner interaction as well. Interaction helps to foster a community in addition to further spreading content for more people to see.

People also want to be recognized and to feel special. This means responding to people who reach out to your brand. I personally love nothing more than when a brand tweets at me, follows me or responds to one of my tweets. Interacting with your followers helps to boost brand loyalty among customers. It also creates a connection with that consumer and makes them feel like part of your business’ community.

In summary, good social media marketing occurs when a brand uses engaging content and tactics to gain interaction and to ultimately achieve the goals that they have created. So set forth, social media mavens, and #engage your follows!




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