A Different Kind of Mug Shot

You can tell a lot about a person by how they take their coffee, and you can tell even more by the mug they take it in. Here are some of the best mugs you’ll see around the CGR Creative office, as well as the team member who uses it.

Team Member:Julio
Unofficial Title: Boss Man
Takes His Coffee: Black
Cups Per Day: At least 1.
What His Mug Says About Him: Well, obviously he likes golf, but if you look closer you’ll see that this mug is more than a mug. It’s creative, and it’s innovative, just like all of Julio’s ideas.

Team Member: Alper
Unofficial Title: IT Wizard & Avid Coffee Drinker
Takes His Coffee: Pinch of cream, pinch of sugar
Cups Per Day: We lost count.
What His Mug Says About Him: Alper’s mug is comprised of two different colors and textures. Just like his mug, Alper’s talents are multi-faceted, and his work is always seamless.


Team Member: Stephanie
Unofficial Title: Project Manager Communication Manager Manager of All the Things
Takes Her Coffee: Black
Cups Per Day: 2-3
What Her Mug Says About Her: Our lead motivator, Steph is confident in our team. Sure, our designs are always cool, but we have the experience needed to deliver awesome results.


Team Member: Raymie
Unofficial Title: Essyoh Expert & Cookie Annihilator
Take His Coffee: As water. Quoted: “I don’t take my coffee.”
Cups Per Day: See above. 0.
What His Mug Cup Says About Him: Raymie avoids the coffees and sodas and sticks to water, making positive, healthy choices for himself, just as he does for our clients.


Team Member: Kyle
Unofficial Title: Algorithm Enthusiast & Lead Brainstormer
Takes His Coffee: “How do I take my coffee? I have no idea. Sometimes I add too much creamer, sometimes I don’t add enough. But I always use 2 Splendas.”
Cups Per Day: Depends, but it is always directly correlated to his task list.
What His Mug Says About Him: This mug is branded with the logo of our client, Charlotte Business Resources. Kyle is dedicated to our clients and proud to represent them any chance he can.

Team Member: Josh
Unofficial Title: The Website Ninja
Takes His Coffee: With a splash of creamer and a splash of sugar. (We are unsure what a “splash of sugar” is.)
Cups Per Day: 2-3 cups
What His Mug Says About Him: See above Unofficial Title.

Team Member: Juan
Unofficial Title: Brilliant Graphics Artist & Owner of Many Fashionable Sweaters
Takes His Coffee: Black
Cups Per Day: Depends.
What His Mug Says About Him: His mug is big like his ideas and vibrant like this designs. ‘Nuff said.


Team Member: Hayley
Unofficial Title: Ex-English Major & Pun Collector
Takes Her Coffee: A latte or nothing at all. Except green tea, of course.
Cups Per Day: Was recently caught Googling, “How much green tea in a day is too much?”, so who knows?
What Her Mug Says About Her: She bought this mug at the airport gift shop, which shows that she can find creative ideas in places others might ignore.

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