5 Reasons Your Message Isn’t Reaching Your Target Audience

message marketing not reaching audience

You tried to deliver a message that really spoke to your customers and compelled them to act, but for whatever reason, people aren’t engaging. There’s nothing more frustrating than developing a brand message that just isn’t resonating with your customers.

But before you can come up with a plan to fix the problem, you need to figure out why your current message isn’t working.

Here are five of the most common reasons your brand message isn’t capturing your target audience:

1. It’s the right message, but the wrong place.

If you’re really confident that you’re using the right brand message but still aren’t getting the traction you’d hoped for, consider this: Maybe it’s not what you’re saying, but where you’re saying it. If you’re delivering the right message to the wrong people, all of your marketing efforts become null and void. First things first, understand your audience and where they spend their time online so that you can better reach them.

2. You’re talking to everyone about everything.

You can’t be everything to everyone, and neither can your brand. Instead of creating a generalized message that speaks to everyone, come up with a strategy that speaks only to your ideal customer and their values. And the same goes for how you present your products and services. If your offerings seem too random and scattered, it will only confuse customers. Instead, you need to clearly define exactly how your company helps its customers. A great place to start is by re-visiting your mission statement and formulating a short, concise explanation of what you do and why you do it.

3. You aren’t speaking their language.

When it comes to writing your brand message, the rule of thumb is always KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid!) Priority #1 is to present a message that is clear and easy to understand, and then determine if the industry jargon and buzzwords belong in your messaging to customers. (Pro-tip: They usually don’t.)

4. You’re copying someone else.

While every industry has ‘best practices’ when it comes to marketing, a general rule is that if you’re following the crowd, you’re going in the wrong direction. Real success comes when you’ve defined your individual brand’s voice and competitive differentiators. What can you offer that they can’t?

5. You don’t understand your customers.

Another common mistake, if you aren’t speaking directly to your customer’s values, your message is going to go in one ear and out the other. You know your products and services, but don’t get stuck on focusing what you believe are the most important features of your business. Instead, try to understand what is most important to your customers. By getting to know what really matters to them, you’ll be able to better deliver a brand message that really reaches them.



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