You Don’t Need to Be On Facebook

do i need facebook

Your business might not need Facebook.

Did you hear that explosion? That’s just the sound of the major truth bomb we just dropped.

Before you deactivate your account and tell all our friends that “CGR said,” we’re going to stop you right there. Because just as there are businesses that might not need Facebook and social media, there are far more businesses that do.

In fact, this isn’t even about Facebook. It’s about this: Do you need to be on every social media platform to be successful?

There was a time–only a few years ago, in fact–when it was a best practice to have a “presence” on each and every social media network, even if your customers didn’t follow you, even if you were just barely keeping a pulse on the page. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+, Instagram, Vine (RIP)…marketers and entrepreneurs everywhere were making social media accounts anywhere they could.

But here’s the issue: Many of these posts and tweets were going out into dead air and were doing absolutely nothing for these businesses.

This isn’t a blog about the value of social media advertising (although it certainly is valuable), but our point is this: Contrary to prior belief, you do not need to be on every social media network to be successful. But you do need to be where your customers are.

For most industries, this will mean having an active presence across the social media board, but for others, this might mean having a combination of two or three, or it might even mean putting all efforts into one, highly successful platform.

At the end of the day, if you’re putting time and effort into posts that aren’t even reaching your target audience, you’re wasting time and money.

Here are some things to consider when selecting the right social media platforms for your business:

Who is your audience?

Social media marketing for businesses is a very targeted effort. You aren’t just posting and talking to anyone and everyone with an account. You’re trying to engage with your current and potential customers. By understanding your target audience and where they engage online, you’ll have a better idea of where to insert your business into their conversations.

What do you hope to achieve from social media?

We don’t have to tell you this, but social media marketing is about more than getting likes. Set measurable goals early and track them every step of the way. Find out things like how much traffic social media is bringing to your website, or if your posts are encouraging first time customers to return, or if customers are first hearing about you via their favorite social media network.

How much time do you have?

Most of the clients who turn to us to manage their social media accounts say this: “I had no idea how time consuming it would be!” Social media takes time, and you need to invest your time where it counts.

Remember: It’s better to succeed on one or two social media platforms than to try to keep up with all of them.


Now that you’ve answered those questions, take some time to audit how your business is performing on each of the varying social media platforms. If you’re speaking to dead air on one, but making valuable connections on another, it’s okay to trim the fat on the efforts that aren’t working for your business. This doesn’t mean you have to delete the unsuccessful account–trends do seem to shift, after all–but it does mean that you can step away from it to focus on the areas that are working.

What do you think? Does every business need to be on every social media platform? Let us know on Twitter @cgrcreative.


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