you gonna ‘gram that?

Instagram is a favorite among many of the CGR Creative team members, both professionally as well as in our personal lives. It’s all #instagood around here.

You can post selfies and a bird’s eye view of your brunch to your personal account all day, every day, but when it comes to social media for business use, do you know how to incorporate Instagram into your marketing plan?

That’s okay. Because we do.

Here are 5 of our best tips for using Instagram for your business:

Stick it to stock photos.

A circle of professionals facing the camera, high fiving. A chart with lines and arrows that mean absolutely nothing. A picture of a cup of coffee (no cream, no sugar, ever).

You’ve seen your fair share of overly-posed stock photos, that’s for sure. Another thing that’s for sure is that stock photos do not belong on Instagram. When it comes to using Instagram for business purposes, people want to see the real, human side of your brand. It should be a nice balance of business with fun, strategic with natural. People want to see people being real, not stock photo models staring directly into their souls, giving them a thumbs up.

Show off your team. 

As we said before, people want to see people. In addition to showcasing your products and services, Instagram can be a great platform to show your off your company culture. This can mean celebrating individual successes and milestones, as well as just sharing moments that show your team having fun together outside of the office. Every business has a story and a passion; share it in snapshots!

Put the social back in social media. 

You’ve taken a cool picture, filtered it just enough and shared it. There! You did it! You Instagrammed! Surely, the followers will just start rolling in now, right? Hold it right there.

Social media isn’t a one-sided conversation, which means you need to be proactive about your Instagram strategy. Follow other relevant accounts and engage, especially with your most active followers. And be sure to learn the difference between engaging and spamming. 

Put a tag on it.

hashtag that is. Join conversations by using and tracking relevant hashtags that relate to your industry, your location, or an event you’re participating in. You can even track location tags to engage with customers who might have visited your business. And remember that just because a hashtag is trending, it doesn’t mean it’s relevant for you.

Don’t worry, be ‘appy.

Sure, Instagram is a picture sharing app, but it’s so more than that. You can share videos, create Instagram stories and play around with partner apps, like Boomerang, to diversify your content and foster an audience that likes you on- and off-line.


Still need some help pressing “Share” on that first Instagram post? That’s what we’re here for!

Our mission is to understand your marketing needs and partner with you to develop measurable creative solutions to gain visibility and market share.