5 Obvious Social Media Steps You’re Overlooking

So you think you have the perfect social media strategy?

Don’t get us wrong, your strategy is really good, but there are some pretty obvious steps you’re probably overlooking.

Here are 5 of the most obvious social media steps you’re probably overlooking: 


1. Clean up posts before publishing.

Have you ever caught a typo immediately after a post went out, but still had time to fix it? What about the ones you didn’t catch? Before a post goes live, make sure it’s cleared of any typos and broken links, and make sure you’ve tagged the correct pages and handles. This might seem obvious, but if this isn’t an active part of your social media strategy, we guarantee posts have gone out with typos and broken links. And we also guarantee your users have noticed.

2. Post like you’re talking to a friend.

It wasn’t what you said; it was how you said it.

Heard that one before? Us, too. On social media, it isn’t always what you say, but how you say it.

Who’s your ideal user? What are they like? What’s their name? Do they remind you of anyone you know? How do you talk to that person?

Pro-tip: If someone you know does match your ideal user, picture them when writing posts. (Creepy Pro-tip: Print a picture of them, put it next to your computer, and hope they never see it.)

Your tone in social media posts shouldn’t be like your tone in corporate letters. Create posts that are conversational. Loosen up! You can be personable and professional at the same time.

3. Use original photos.

Stock photos have their purpose, but whenever possible, use original photos. Show people from your team–people want to see people. Professionally taken photographs are great, but photos taken from your cell phone on the fly can also be effective.

4. Create original content.

Rather than sharing from a third-party source, post original content whenever possible. And don’t get stuck generating one type of content. From blogs to videos to infographics, there are plenty of ways to diversify your content and to establish your brand as an expert in its field.

5. Engage with industry influencers and thought leaders first.

Desperately trying to get influencers in your industry to follow or engage with your brand on social media? Stop fiddling your thumbs, and engage with them first! If you follow them, they’ll be more likely to follow you back. If you engage with them, they’ll be more likely to engage with you. Social media is all about developing personal relationships and starting two-way conversations; there’s nothing wrong with being the one who starts those conversations!

Pro-tip: People you engage with now might not engage immediately but will be more likely to share and engage with your posts down the road.


These are steps you can add to your strategy rightthisveryminute, but for a plan to meet your long-term goals, contact us.


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