5 Tips for Dealing with Social Media Changes

dealing with social media changes

From changing looks to updated interfaces, social media changes seem to happen unexpectedly. And whether you’re in marketing or are simply an avid user, they can catch you completely off guard, which is why we made the above graphic. It highlights the stages we all go through when our favorite social media platform changes something, from the temper tantrums in the beginning to the complete acceptance over time.

Regardless, if you manage social media accounts for a business or a corporate team, you know how social media changes can impact your social media and content marketing strategies.


Here are our best tips for dealing with social media changes, without missing a beat:


1. Read articles, listen to podcasts, and follow thought leaders in the industry.

One of the best ways to handle platform changes is to always be prepared for them (or as prepared for them as you can be). Stay up-to-date with industry news. Although much of what you hear will be rumor or speculation, you might just be able to prepare for a change before it’s even released. Mashable is a great source for articles. Social media is all about being flexible!


2. Don’t waste your time complaining.

If a major change is announced, you might be tempted to throw your hands in the air and give up. Give yourself a few minutes to complain and mope, but then move on. You have a strategy to update!


3. Find the silver lining.

Most social media changes are implemented in an effort to improve the platform, not to make your life a living nightmare (or so they say). Identify the ways it could benefit your business or overall strategy, and if you can’t do that (ie: if it’s an algorithm change that hides your posts…no one wants that), identify why it’s good for the user. Social media is ultimately about user experience after all.


4. Adapt to the change.

The best way to deal with social media changes? Roll with them. Adapt to the change.


5. Adjust your strategy.

Take a look at your existing social media and content marketing strategies, and brainstorm ways they can be adjusted to work with the changes, rather than against them.


Which social media change has been your favorite? Which has been your least favorite?

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