Does Email Marketing Still Work?


Pause: Why is this guy looking at a blank screen? Someone get him a charger ASAP.

“Does email marketing still work?”

Someone asked me this the other day, and my response was, “What’s the first thing you do in the morning?”

For most people in 2022, the answer is check my phone.

You do it, too, don’t you?

Because we know this to be true, and because we know that most people check their email frequently throughout the day (more than 65% of people, to be exact), why wouldn’t email marketing still work?

That said, there is a right way and a wrong way of doing anything, and email marketing isn’t an exception.

Here are a few best practices to get you started on your email marketing campaign:

1. Don’t be annoying.

Sorry to be blunt. Although your customers might be checking their emails hourly, that doesn’t mean that they want to see a message from you “just checking in” every time they glance at their phones. In fact, it’s safe to say they definitely don’t. If you learned anything from dating in high school, it’s that no one likes a clingy person, and your customers are no different.

2. Make it manageable. 

Once you’ve determined which email frequency will be less annoying to your customers, make sure that this is manageable for you and your team. We always tell clients to start slow and increase the frequency as they get more comfortable with the amount of content it requires and as they see success. For instance, start with a quarterly newsletter, and if your customers are receptive, and if the content requirements are manageable, shift gears to make it into a monthly newsletter.

3. Use an email marketing management tool.

There are several out there. These tools can not only provide templates for your email, but they can also provide data that lets you know how your email was received by customers. Did they open it? And if so, where did they click from there? These are things you need to know.

4. Be original. 

Give your customers what they need, what they want, and what they didn’t know they needed/wanted but need/want after reading your email. Make sure your content is interesting, diverse and engaging; don’t give them content they could’ve gotten anywhere else. Your customers should leave your email feeling like they’ve gained something.

5. Stand out.

What types of headlines do you click on? Use your own inbox as a research tool to analyze which email titles grab your attention, and which don’t. The biggest hurdle is going to be convincing your recipient to open the email, so it all starts here. Make your headline catchy; say just enough to entice your recipient to act, but then you need to deliver (see #4).


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