Why, Instagram, WHY!

Like a sudden wave, a change slowly but steadily made its way through the CGR Creative office yesterday. One-by-one, choruses of “What is this?” and “Did you see?” sang through the office.

You see, Instagram changed its logo, and for a moment of time, the marketing world stopped…and immediately took to Twitter to shake their fists and complain (while still using Instagram, obvi, because we love it).

After all, change is hard.

We didn’t understand; most of us figured we would try to get used to the new logo. But it hasn’t been easy.

Some of us tried to keep our opinions to ourselves, telling Instagram, “We don’t get it, but you do you.”

Some of us were worried that Instagram was suffering an identity crisis.

While others just wanted to check in and make sure everything was okay with Instagram.

And then the jokes started. So. Many. Jokes.

And the memes.

instagram logo change



Like any other social media change, we’ll get used to this in time. But we want to hear from you. What are your thoughts on Instagram’s rebranded logo? Let us know @cgrcreative!

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