Top 10 Things about Interning with CGR Creative’s Web Design Team

Nathan has been interning in our Website Design & Development department for just over a month. When we asked him if he wanted to write a blog post, he knew right away what he wanted to talk about: his experience as an intern with CGR Creative. We appreciate his work and love his responses! *Note: No interns were harmed in the making of this blog.*


1. The people – everyone is very helpful and happy to teach you things and are genuinely concerned about your success and making things work.


office halloween

2. The boss – Julio takes an interest in helping you learn real-world business skills and expectations with an honest, welcoming approach.


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3. Comfortable work environment – We listen to music while we work!



4. There’s a wide variety of work to do and skills to learn. From designing in illustrator or coding in backend HTML/PHP, the variety of work keeps my days interesting.



5. I’m learning from co-workers who have 10+ years of experience in the industry.

old man computer

*Insert “old joke” here.*


6. Our close knit work environment fosters friendship with co-workers and intermingling of ideas.


cgr team

7. There’s never a dull moment. There’s always an exciting, new project on the table.


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8. With working hours of 9 AM-6 PM, we avoid rush hour both ways.

rush hour

This is a gif from the movie…Rush Hour.


9. Awesome location in South End, close to the heart of Uptown.


charlotte skyline

10. And nothing beats the fulfillment of working at a job you actually enjoy!

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