Happy Halloween!

In the spirit of Halloween, CGR Creative team members were asked to provide a picture and answer the following:

  1. Story Behind the Costume:
  2. Favorite Candy:
  3. Most Afraid of:
  4. Favorite Halloween Movie:

These were their answers. Happy Halloween to our friends and family!


Kyle Robertson, Digital Marketing (Pictured on the right)


1. Story Behind the Costume: I was 5 years old in this picture; my cousin is on the left, and I’m on the right. Growing up, we went trick-or-treating from my aunt’s house every year.

2. Favorite Candy: Reese’s Cups!

3. Most Afraid of: Spiders & Snakes

4. Favorite Halloween Movie: Casper


Steve Voutsinas, Web Designer

halloween costume

1. Story Behind the Costume: This was the year I won a costume contest as Kermit and got my picture and name in the paper, proving that it IS easy being green!

2. Favorite Candy: Sour Patch Kids…is there even another candy?

3. Most Afraid of: The Yankees never winning another World Series

4. Favorite Halloween Movie: Scream


Stephanie Auville, Account Services

angel costume

1. Story Behind the Costume: This isn’t even me; it’s my sister.  I asked my mom for a photo of me in costume as a child, and this was what I received with a note stating, “Best I can do on short notice.”  This is also translated as, “I have no idea which child wanted this, but I don’t have pictures of the second one anyway”. Thanks, Mom!

2. Favorite Candy: Cheese

3. Most Afraid of: Kayaking – strange fear, I know, but the thought of being crammed in a floating banana terrifies me.

4. Favorite Halloween Movie: It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown


Juan Vallejo, Graphic Design

mickey mouse costume

1. Story Behind the Costume: I loved that costume and wanted to wear it every single day. In fact, I did wear it every day…for two weeks after Halloween.

2. Favorite Candy: Chocolate

3. Most Afraid of: Slimy things

4. Favorite Halloween Movie: Too many to count


Scott Dickson, Online Visibility Intern

kids cowboy costume

 1. Story Behind the Costume: There’s no story behind this picture; I was just being a little brat. “You were jumping around and not listening, and I yelled at you. Sensitive little fella, but so sweet.” -Ma

2. Favorite Candy: 100 Grand

3. Most Afraid of: Verifying Yelp listings

4. Favorite Halloween Movie: Beetlejuice


Raymie Equi, Digital Marketing

Raymie couldn’t find the picture, so we picked one for him…

raymie halloween

 1. Story Behind the Costume (Not Pictured): My mom spent like two weeks making me a Star Trek costume in 4th grade. I was into sports and not Star Trek. Fail.

2. Favorite Candy: Yes.

3. Most Afraid of: Clowns, mountain lions, and pick pockets

4. Favorite Halloween Movie: Nightmare Before Christmas


Hayley Lyons, Creative Writing

lion costume

1. Story Behind the Costume: I was a freshman in college. While all of the other girls were dressed in scantily clad costumes, I wore a full-bodied lion costume and was super comfortable. I have no idea who the guy on the left is. He was one of many who asked to “take a picture with the lion.” I felt like one of those characters at Disney, and, as you can tell by my face, I was really into it!

2. Favorite Candy: Anything sour and gummy

3. Most Afraid of: Ghosts

4. Favorite Halloween Movie: Hocus Pocus



Happy Halloween, friends!

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