Social Media is Important, and Here’s Why

“I know social media is important, but I don’t know why.”

If we had a nickel for every time we heard this, we’d have way too many nickels. Seriously, there aren’t enough CoinStars in the world to manage that many nickels, and besides, no one wants that many nickels clanging around their pockets.

Anyway, “I know social media is important, but I don’t know why.” Maybe you were the one who said it. Or maybe it was your manager, and you’re having a helluva time explaining it. Or maybe it was your business partner, who still thinks it’s called MyFace.

Whatever the case, you were right. Social media is important. But, unless you’re a social media marketer, understanding why it’s important (and then explaining this why to others) can be a challenge.

do i need social media

Here are a few of the benefits of using social media:


  1. It can help you break barriers and bust myths.

This is especially true for industries who see themselves as “less social” then others. If you’re in an industry that garners fear or distrust, or that is constantly misrepresented in the public eye, social media is a great opportunity to break away from these myths and perceptions about your industry to build a more personal, positive image.


  1. You’ll build trust.

You wouldn’t be friends with someone you don’t trust, let alone share your money or personal secrets with them, right? The same is true of the way we interact with businesses. People are more likely to work with a brand that they trust, and social media helps you establish that kind of relationship.


  1. You’ll make connections and build relationships.

Piggybacking off of #2, social media is one of the best ways to make connections and build relationships with potential business partners, clients and customers. Not only will it connect you to thought leaders and trendsetters in your industry, but you’ll also be able to interact with your customers in their daily life, solving problems early and integrating your brand into the hearts and brains of everyone.


  1. Everyone else is doing it.

Did you know that more than 90% of brands are present on more than one social media platform? Your competitors are using social media, and chances are, they’re reaping the benefits of it. That said, just because everyone is using social media doesn’t mean they’re doing it right, but that’s something we can help you with.


  1. It’s cost-efficient.

Outside of social media advertising and promotions, managing your social media pages is completely free on most platforms. This makes social media one of the most cost-efficient ways to drive organic traffic to your website.


  1. Your ROI could increase.

If you do decide to advertise on social media (which, in most cases, is a great idea), even social media advertising can be more cost-efficient than other strategies. Because of the specific ways you can target and localize ads to better reach your customers, you have a higher potential for an increased ROI.


  1. You will establish yourself as a leader.

Social media is one of the best ways to share ideas and news, which will create a positive image of your brand, while also establishing you as a trustworthy and knowledgeable source. All good things, right?


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