CGR Creative, Leading Our Community in 2012!

As experts in PR and marketing, CGR knows the value and long term benefits of building a good name in the community. We choose to be a part of the positive efforts and changes because it is the right thing to do. CGR also strives to be a part of the excitement in Charlotte because we share a vision with those who love our city like we do.

This past week CGR was a table sponsor of the 2012 Vision Awards, its primary honor going to Duke Energy Chief Executive Jim Rogers. We can honestly say Rogers gave a moving and inspirational speech about his vision of Charlotte, as a leader of people, ideas and cities in America’s future.

Jim Rogers work for a sustainable and environmentally conscious Charlotte earned him the honor, but his love for the Charlotte region earned him much more with those who had never heard him speak.

This coming year in Charlotte has huge things for those of us here to witness and benefit from the growth of our region. Charlotte residents have a new baseball stadium to enjoy a low cost all-American night out with family. We in Charlotte also have the excitement and economic stimulus of the Democrat National Convention to make 2012 a huge year. The national spotlight will be on Charlotte, North Carolina this year, and CGR will be out and actively a part of that effort for a Charlotte that leads our nation.

Sponsoring events like the 2012 Vision Awards, paired with our consistent work with local programs like the Community Building Initiative ( and the Latin American Chamber of Commerce of Charlotte, has made CGR Creative a leader in the Charlotte Community. It is our hope that area businesses and customers see our example and our love for Charlotte and join us in all of our ventures and visions.

CGR Creative is currently working together with the Community Building Initiative and Annetta Foard to help build a diverse and thriving Charlotte. Julio Colmenares, the owner and founder of CGR Creative, is actively a leader in the Hispanic community, through his hard work and dedication to the Latin American Chamber of Commerce of Charlotte.

Our mission is to understand your marketing needs and partner with you to develop measurable creative solutions to gain visibility and market share.