How Does CGR Learn About Their Clients?

How Does CGR Learn About Their Clients?

We listen.

CGR is in perfect tune with our client, the Community Building Initiative of Charlotte. We both believe in listening to understand the people we serve, and we both believe in the positive affect it has on our community.

Recently, the Community Building Initiative had an open forum to discuss Amendment One in Charlotte, NC. The meeting featured speakers on both sides of the issue, along with a crowd of about 200 people wanting to discuss the issue with their neighbors.

The Community Building Initiative encouraged people on all sides of the issue to meet the people at their table and have an open mind. CBI had prepared a lot of questions and ideas for the neighbors to ask each other to stimulate the conversation. Speakers included local religious leaders on both sides of the Amendment One issue, as well as legal experts, speaking on the legal ramifications of such a law passing or not passing.

Questions were taken from audience members to all experts and organizers to help the people of the Charlotte community better understand the amendment they were voting on.

CGR Creative was in attendance as part of our relationship with the Community Building Initiative of Charlotte. With photographers and marketing consultants to take in the atmosphere firsthand in order to better promote the event, CGR Creative’s PR and Marketing team spent time communicating with organizers and event participants to better understand what motivates them.

In this case CBI offers a forum for communication between frustrated members of our community. CBI lets people open up, speak, and, most of all, listen on key issues. The belief of our client CBI that listening is even more important than speaking out was evident at this great event. A large crowd never lost patience, came with an open mind, and was the epitome of what makes Charlotte a friendly, diverse place to live.

CGR Creative loves the Charlotte community.  Anytime our work allows us to satisfy a customer and support the community at the same time, we are especially grateful.

CGR Creative will continue to speak to our clients and their customers, but we also listen to know what inspires the target audiences of our clients.

CGR and CBI both agree that we must always listen before we speak. CGR Creative Web Design applies this belief to all of our marketing efforts, and our designs are better for it.

As Abraham Lincoln famously said, “If I had six hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first four hours sharpening the axe.” CGR Creative always takes this same approach to listening; we must always learn what motivates people and apply this to our marketing strategy accordingly.

Our mission is to understand your marketing needs and partner with you to develop measurable creative solutions to gain visibility and market share.