Brands Love Good Pranks, And So Do We

First and foremost, let’s get the introductions out of the way. Hi, I’m Hayley, the in-house Creative Writer here at CGR Creative. I’m writing this blog from first person because it is 100% opinion and based on my favorite day of the year: April Fool’s Day.

I love pranking the ones I love, and April Fool’s Day is the only day it’s acceptable to play mean tricks, without making me look like a total jerkbrain. Let’s take a stroll down prankery lane, shall we? I’ve told my parents I was getting expelled (oops), I’ve told my boyfriend he was going to be a daddy (that was bad), and I’ve prank called more times than I can count (child’s play, for a pro pranker like myself). I know, I know; I’m ruthless.

This year, I posted the below picture with the caption: So excited to FINALLY announce that in three short months Brennan and I will be setting our roots in CANADA. Can’t wait for this next journey! #OCanada

april fools prank

After 50 Facebook Likes and more congratulatory comments and text messages than I can count, I finally broke the truth that, although I think Canada is a beautiful and scenic place, APRIL FOOLS, I’m still in Charlotte.

I seriously love April Fool’s Day.

And I’m not the only one. Brands love April Fool’s Day, too!

Here were a few of my favorites from yesterday:

1. Publix to open stand-alone sub shops.

This one was great because 1) everyone fell for it and 2) it really would be an awesome idea. Have you had a Publix sub? They are everything.

april fools prank

2. Bachelor inspired hot tubs.

Because who doesn’t love a brand that is self aware enough to laugh at themselves?

bachelor prank

3. Backwards Google.

Ugh, Google, why must you be good at everything?



And lastly,…

4. The HRV Selfie Cam.

Because we all know someone like this. (Fine, I might be that someone that you know. Whatever.)


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