5 Tips for New Social Media Users













I don’t need it.

I don’t have time for it.

I don’t understand it.


These are three of the most common reasons we hear from business owners for not having social media accounts for their business, and, although we are strong advocates for the use of social media marketing, we hear your concerns. Managing a business is time-consuming enough, and adding social media can be complex, especially if you’re new to it.

If you’re considering using social media for business for the first time, or are new to the concept altogether, here are a few of our best tips:

Tip #1: Identify your audience, goals, and message.

Before you can begin selecting which social media platforms are best for you, take the time to consider your audience and your goals for social media, as well as the overall message you wish to share. Once you have identified these, a little bit of research should be able to help you ascertain which platforms your customer base is using the most.

Sub-Tip: Research the best times and days to post your content to reach the maximum number of potential customers.

Tip #2: Pick your platform(s).

 When you’ve defined your audience and goals, pick your platforms. Although it’s not a bad idea to have presence on multiple social media platforms, you might find that you have more success on one than others. If managing multiple platforms isn’t proving successful, or simply isn’t realistic, it’s okay! Pick the platform that will allow you to engage the most with your audience.

Sub-Tip: If a platform isn’t successful, don’t be afraid to ditch it, and try something new!

Tip #3: Determine your brand’s voice.

Before writing your first post, determine your brand’s voice, or the tone you’ll be using in your social media posts. Maybe your tone is light and professional, maybe it’s understanding and intelligent, or maybe it’s funny and family friendly. Whatever your voice may be, determine it before you begin sharing posts with your followers and friends.

Sub-Tip: Research the social media accounts of similar companies to better understand the appropriate tone being used within your industry.

Tip #4: Don’t sell; engage.

 Social media is a way to engage with your audience—shouldn’t your content be engaging? Although social media is a great way to market your brand, service, or product, avoid the temptation to use it solely as a sales platform. Use social media to raise awareness, to converse with your customers, and to make your brand more approachable by humanizing it. People want to talk to people, work with people, and buy from people. Making a brand that is interested in and accessible to its consumers is attractive to many.

Sub-Tip: As you are creating engaging content, remember not to lose sight of your business and brand’s voice. Keep it personal and professional.

Tip #5: Educate yourself!

Social media is constantly changing and growing, and new tips, features, and platforms are becoming available on an almost daily basis. Find a way to keep yourself educated on the latest social media trends, and incorporate what you learn into your constantly evolving social media strategy.

Sub-Tip: Contact a local marketing agency for help!


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