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When considering the redesign of, the City of Charlotte needed a group of exceptional individuals to handle the endless opportunities available to the Queen City’s business community. That search brought them to CGR Creative. The original website offered an abundance of content with very little filtering functionality, which made navigation difficult and information inaccessible to new visitors. The brand itself was not an adequate reflection of the positive impact has had on the community, and their Social Media presence was nonexistent.

By understanding the stakeholders, their intended audience, and their overall goals, we were able to implement a sleek, modern website, with a state of the art filtering tool and robust event calendar containing multiple user levels. The brand was fully redesigned, and in addition to bringing a fresh look to the site, it promotes the localized vibrancy of Charlotte.

We also introduced an ongoing Social Media strategy and onsite blog. By implementing customized tracking functionality and user feedback options throughout the site, CGR Creative was able to provide detailed analytics on user experience, traffic generated to partners’ sites, and resources most sought out by users. We continue to monitor and manage the online presence of the Charlotte Business Resources website, modifying the initial strategy to ensure that it is at peak performance at all times.

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Charlotte Business Resources