Top Ten SEO Tips From Charlotte’s Web Design Experts CGR Creative

Today Julio Colmenares of our very own CGR Creative addressed a luncheon crowd on the topic of new media and web design. One of the questions from the audience was, “What are the top 10 things you can do to get your site ranked higher on Google?” Julio explained how each of these ideas work and how to gain maximum benefit from them.

We think this is a question worth addressing again here on our blog, so here is your Top 10 List of Search Engine Optimization Tips:

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10. Titles – Each page within your site should have a unique title that is relevant to your business and the content on that particular page.

9. Keyword Rich Content – Every page should have at least 250 words of plain text that contains the relevant keywords from your page title. It is best if those keywords are mentioned in the first few lines.

8. Don’t Use Frames – Frames prevent search engines from searching the content on your site. If you view the source of your web page, and you don’t see the content of your page, your site is hiding that content from search engines.

7. Don’t Use Graphics in Place of Text – Search engines can’t search the content of pictures yet, so they can’t read your cool graphic that explains how awesome your business is. Use plain HTML text throughout your site.

6. Avoid Flash Heavy Content – Just like pictures, search engines can’t read the content of Flash files, but, worse, many browsers, and even more mobile phones, can’t see Flash files at all.

5. Tag All Your Media Files – For the pictures and graphics you do have on your site, make sure you fill out their alt tags and meta tags as completely as possible. Be sure to repeat your keywords here as well.

4. Don’t Create Outgoing Links – Outgoing links send search engines the message that your content is not as valuable as that of the pages you are linking to. You never want to have more outgoing links than you have incoming.

3. Create Incoming Links – Incoming links make your content look more valuable. Search engines will begin to treat your site more like an expert on your subject with every additional incoming link. Social media can really help here.

2. Keep Page Viewers Occupied – Search engines actually monitor how long viewers stay on your site. So, make sure all your pages have visually pleasing, fast loading, interesting content.

1. Update Your Content Regularly – The best way to keep moving up the search engine ladder is to continually update your content. This keeps your site looking valuable to search engines, and it promotes new visits from existing viewers which also increases your rankings.

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