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When considering multimedia projects, we find it important to employ all of our expertise during conceptualization. As visual designers, we know how hand crafted graphics can enhance video quality. As web developers, our awareness of advanced technology will make your video a trophy to your online presence. As visibility experts, we can assure that your investment will have an enduring life in search results and in your social communities. And as marketers, we understand the significance all of these specialties have on the success of your video project. We understand your goals, your audience, and above all, we understand you.

Our past projects have included professionally produced television commercials, perfectly represented corporate videos, captivating and informative documentaries and cleverly animated multimedia series, just to name a few. From script writing and production planning to audio/video editing and distribution for final debut, we will be there every step of the way. CGR Creative provides the best and latest in HD video equipment, sound sourcing, graphic animation, and all of the other capabilities that make us a leading high tech agency.

Multimedia Production Services Include:

HD Videos | Commercials | Live Webcasts | Product Demonstrations | Promotional Videos | Corporate Training Videos | YouTube | Vimeo | Story Development | Production Planning | Scriptwriting | Storyboarding | On-Location | Audio/Video Recording | Voiceovers | Graphics Design | Animation | Music & Sound Sourcing | Audio/Video Editing | Audio/Video Compression | Distribution | Syndication

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