How CGR Avoids Creativity Burnout

It’s Monday (as if you didn’t know), which means the start of yet another workweek. Keeping yourself motivated throughout the week can be difficult, especially when you’re constantly thinking and brainstorming for new ideas. Even when you’re feeling tired or burnt out, you can still stay motivated to work hard and come up with creative ideas. You should hear our brainstorming sessions that occur at the end of the day…on Fridays…when we’re out of K-cups—sure, some of the ideas are totally off the wall (See also: out there), but sometimes our best ideas occur when we least expect it because we’re forced to see things in a different light and think outside-of-the-box!

Here are some of the ways our team members keep the creative energy fresh and avoid burnout:

Raymie: “I reach in the fridge for an ice cold DDP.”

DDP=Diet Dr. Pepper

Stephanie: “I walk away. I do something totally different before coming back to it. If possible, I try to give it a pretty good period of time, like a day or so. It’s amazing how your perspective of something can change after 24 hours.”

AKA 24 hours.

Juan: “I grab a hot coffee for hot ideas…”

Nope, not cold!

Hayley: “I listen to anything by Iggy Azalea. And if that doesn’t work? I take a quick walk around the building. If the struggle is really real, I’ll drive down the street for a Starbucks coffee before returning to my project. The change of scenery always helps!”

Who dat? Who dat? (I-G-G-Y)

Kyle: “I step away from my desk, grab a drink, and brainstorm with other people in the office.”

A literal brainstorm.


How do you keep your creativity and motivation alive during the week?

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