Charlotte SEO Company vs. Google Ads: The “Above-The-Fold” Grudge Match

Search Engine Optimization - Magnifying GlassIt’s not breaking news that many SEO tactics that traditionally could get you to page one, like link spamming and keyword stuffing, are becoming obsolete.  But, with the rise of Google Ads and sponsored search results, does SEO even work anymore?

The answer is YES.

Search Engine Optimization will never be a thing of the past, and yes, many people have wisened up to creating SEO friendly content, making the paid experts job harder, but hey, that’s why you pay them right?



“Hi, my name is ****Insert obvious alias name here****, did you know we can get you on the front page of Google for as low as $50 per month?”


Sound familiar?  Well, funny, it’s true; they can get you on page one for as little as $50.00 per month, because guess what: it’s Google AdWords calling.  And you’re not in the organic results; it’s what we in the “biz” like to call PPC (Pay-Per-Click advertising).   You know, those links that sometimes don’t even make sense at the top of your search in the gradient boxes?  Welcome, to the page one promise.

While PPC is always a good idea to supplement SEO, if you’re looking for enduring strategies that will make you appear organically in search results across ALL search platforms, you’re going to need an expert.  There are endless approaches to SEO, and if you ask any expert, they’re going to say theirs is the best.  But we’re not here to arm wrestle over the best SEO practices, because the paths can be different, as long as they achieve the same goal — visibility.

CGR Creative is an innovative Charlotte SEO company, because we’re not just about optimizing content, or creating clever meta tags, we’re about doing the most effective SEO efforts, that will be long-lasting.  We’d be totally fibbing if we said we didn’t integrate PPC into our SEO strategy, but the truth is, PPC is like the cabbage soup diet; it works until you stop eating the soup.  Our SEO efforts are like the CrossFit meets P90x meets American Ninja Warrior, delivering long-lasting, still there after we’re gone (which is never, because we’re awesome, but if we were to go) results.  As an added bonus, we’ll even spot you $100 towards your first AdWords campaign.  Tell your telemarketer to top that.  I think this calls for a BOOYA!

Our mission is to understand your marketing needs and partner with you to develop measurable creative solutions to gain visibility and market share.