CGR Creative’s PR Team Partners with CBI

CGR Creative in Charlotte has partnered with Community Building Initiative to help them achieve some incredible goals. They have accepted the role of public relations, marketing, online presence and social media marketing directors for this fine organization serving the Charlotte community.

(CBI is online at and has been a force in bettering Charlotte since 1997.)

Community Building Initiative (CBI) is a nonprofit organization that was established in 1997 by government and civic leaders to achieve racial and ethnic inclusion and equity in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg community. The CBI team is as diverse as our great city itself, with the same common mission of strengthening commitment and increasing the capacity of individuals and organizations to build a more inclusive and equitable community.

CBI  hosts frequent Bus Tours, which give participants a unique view of Charlotte’s diverse neighborhoods and history. Events of the day involve a sight-seeing tour of Charlotte and a discussion afterwards about helping Charlotte maintain better neighborhoods for all it’s citizens.

CGR is proud to be a part of such a positive message and to have such a strong hand in making the visions of the Community Building Initiative take shape and mold our community. CGR excels in PR and online branding in any field, but when coupled with such a positive message, work becomes fun, the fun becomes motivation, and the motivation inspires and attracts others to the brand we represent.

CGR Creative looks forward to a long relationship with CBI of Charlotte. The entire CGR team embraces the opportunity to better our amazing city.

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