About the Latin Chamber of Commerce & CGR!

The Latin Chamber of Commerce went through a rebranding phrase and with the change of the website and all of the onsite optimization.

The Board was concerned that locals would not be able to find the Latin chapter if they searched using the term Chamber Charlotte, since there was no emphasis on “Latin.” There are dozens of chapters for each Chamber in each state, making it seemingly difficult to rank for the keyword phrase “Chamber Charlotte.” We implemented a massive SEO campaign strategy to target the area on a local and national level in order to push the rankings all the way to page 1 on Google and place at spot number two. It did not happen overnight, as organic ranking takes time to establish. Our strategy involved plenty of on and offsite solutions, and we knew that we had to remain highly targeted to get the results the Board was looking for in a timely fashion.

Over the course of 8 weeks, we were able to target a competitive analysis and study the other sites in order to establish presence on Page 1. Although a difficult task, we knew that it would be necessary to implement an array of strategies that had proven successful for our other clients. We were hoping to get ranked on at least the bottom of page 1, but to our surprise, our hard work paid off, and we achieved number 2 on Google.

We reported on every delta change that occurred throughout our entire optimization process. We knew the Board was interested in knowing every major or minor change, every step of the way. We were extremely happy to see that out efforts were delivering positive results on the search engines. As part of our process, we still maintain these rankings, as they can slip at any time. Nothing is absolute in the world of SEO. What is absolute is our dedication, resources and guarantee to get you on page 1 and strive to get you to placement 1. We love to engage with our clients, as we had in this instance; specific events hosted by that LACCC helped us target those events organically, before they transpired, offering a slight advantage to their overall rankings for other keywords.

We now rank number one for several keywords that were requested of us for the LACCC.

Both onsite and offsite optimization were necessary to cause a massive change in our client’s placement. We are extremely pleased with our results,  and our client is very happy as well. We continue to conduct optimization and dedicate a great deal of time to implementing a solid, SEO plan, always striving to rank  for spot 1 and 2 on Google.

Our mission is to understand your marketing needs and partner with you to develop measurable creative solutions to gain visibility and market share.