5 Tips for Better Blogging



I’ve been a professional blogger for well over three years, but I’ve been a personal blogger for over a decade. This means that, for the past 10-some-odd years, I’ve been sharing snippets of my life to an online audience (Hi, Mom!). When I first realized how long I’ve been blogging, I was like, That’s really cool, and then upon further consideration, Hm, maybe I should look into deleting those blogs from junior high…but I forgot the passwords, so they are out there forever, and I digress. (Don’t Google it. Don’t. You. Dare.)

My blogs have been personal, comedic, anecdotal, informative, eMbArRaSsInG (particularly those junior high ones), and full of thoughts and rants, depending on the day. I’ve been lucky enough to see that, as my knowledge grows, so does my audience (Hi, Mom and Dad!).

Suffice it to say, I’ve learned a lot about blogging over the years. A chef may never share their secrets, but I’m not a chef (I’ve never met a piece of toast I couldn’t burn), which is why I’m happy to share a few of my best blogging tips.

Let’s get started!

1. Find your voice.

If it’s a personal blog, find your voice, and if it’s a professional blog, find your brand’s voice. The best piece of blogging/writing advice I can give you is this: Write as you speak. To be clear, this doesn’t mean you should curse like a sailor on your company blog (hey, no judgment here!). By all means, keep all of your content appropriate and edited for grammatical and spelling errors, but keep the voice conversational. Your readers should feel as if you are speaking directly to them, which brings me to my next point…

2. Speak to your readers.

Never speak above them. I have this theory that the more complex the language surrounding a topic is, the less the writer actually understands it. After all, it’s almost always more difficult to simplify a complicated topic, right? Speak to your readers, don’t condescend them, and I promise they’ll appreciate it. Plus, the great thing about speaking to your readers is that they’ll be more likely to speak back!

3. Try new things.

I’ve certainly tried my fair share of blogging topics and techniques over the years, and although my blog is “for me”, I also know the types of posts that are guaranteed to attract more likes and shares from my audience. For instance, I know that my audience in particular much prefers my comical, anecdotal posts over my meditative ones. (And, honestly, so do I, so it works out!) Don’t be afraid to try new blogging techniques to see which your audience prefers. Lists, narratives, giveaways, videos, images, interviews, reviews, hysterical gif compilations…the Internet is your oyster!

Plus, as a quick sub-tip, they say that the best way to become a better writer is to become a better reader. Research other blogs, industry-related or not, and become a better blogger simply by reading more blogs.

4. Proofread.

Nobodee lyks typOhs!!!1!! ( 😉 )

5. Stay relevant.

Maybe you won’t be a daily blogger. Maybe you won’t even be a weekly blogger. But do your best to keep your blog up-to-date. Keep it relevant. Be informative, but don’t be long-winded. Break long blog posts into multiple short posts. Make your blog something that your readers can look forward to reading.

Until next time…Blog ya later.

-Hayley Lyons, CGR Creative, Creative Copywriter

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