5 Things That Scare Marketing Managers the Most


Happy Halloween! (Or if you’re reading this on a day that’s not Halloween, we’ll just wish you a happy day.)

This time of year, you hear a lot about scary things. You know, the usual. Paranormal activity. Zombies. Witches. Election season. You know, the usual.

But if you’re in the marketing department of your corporation, you know that there are wayyy scarier things than a ghost or two.

Here are 5 of the scariest things every marketing department has heard:


Can we pause the marketing for a couple of months?

I’m sorry. What?

Slowing down for certain seasons is one thing, but putting a complete halt to every marketing campaign? That’s enough to make anyone shudder!

As a marketing manager, you know that the only good that can come from this is finally, finally proving to the non-marketing-believers just how important those marketing dollars are. But as someone who’s passionate about their job, you also know that even two months lost can be detrimental to the brand buzz you’ve already put so much work into building.


Now that we have marketers, we don’t need a sales team.

Your marketing is your sales team, right?


Marketing and sales might work hand-in-hand, but they are not the same. If anything, they are separate, collaborative efforts that serve to complement each other. But they are not the same. While marketing teams bring anywhere from 20-60% of a company’s total leads, outbound efforts from a sales team are crucial for that final push.


Why can’t we just do what they’re doing?

Ah, the classic “Everyone’s doing it!” approach to marketing.

As the marketing expert at your business, you know that your business is in a different stage than its competitors. Every business has a different vision and mission and brand identity, which means that, ultimately, every business might just have a different (but still successful) approach to marketing.


Let’s make it go viral.


We’ve all been there on this one, right? You launch an incredibly clever and engaging social media campaign. Every detail has been thought out, and on the surface, it has viral potential. Then some kid in Nebraska posts a video of his cat knocking over a bowl of milk, and that’s the kind of content that goes viral.

‘Going viral’ is easier said than done. In fact, most people that ‘go viral’ aren’t even trying to be viral sensations in the first place!

It’s maddening, but it’s also part of the business. If there was a secret recipe behind going viral, we’d all be YouTube sensations by now. Instead, continue pushing clever, engaging campaigns, and you might just find that they go viral on their own.


It’s time to rebrand.

The thing with rebranding and designing a new website is that, regardless how many years have passed since the last rebrand/redesign, it always feels like you just did it yesterday. These things have a way of sneaking up on you.

This one is certainly “scary,” but when you’re working with the right agency it can actually be really fun and exciting seeing your brand come to life in a fresh way.


The great thing about working with an agency like CGR Creative is that we can make these scary things seem not-so-scary. From the social media campaigns to the website redesigns, we take some of the stress off of your plate, while also taking an amazing and fresh approach to your marketing strategy! Contact us today to get started.

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