10 Years Later, the Client Still Comes First

May of 2013 will mark the tenth year of business for the CGR , and, although still months away, the success is one worth celebrating.  For the talented CGR team, however, a milestone does not signify an end or time to take pause.  On the contrary, it is a motivational reminder that, with continued dedication, another milestone can be reached, and another, and so on.

This is why, for the next eight months leading up to the company’s 10thyear, the employees of CGR pledge to continue providing their clients with the heightened level of attentiveness, respect, and diligence that is exclusive to the marketing services of CGR Creative.  In fact, it is their ability to deliver individualized attention to each client that makes them the unparalleled choice against other digital marketing firms in the Charlotte area.

Through the leadership skills of President and CEO Julio Colmenares, as well as VP and Chief Creative Officer Jason Ramsey, the employees at CGR are digital marketing virtuosos, each one an expert in their respective fields.   At CGR, clients are treated not only as business partners, but also as friends.  This appreciation for customer service, paired with unfaltering professionalism, is reflected in innovative final products, as well as through the maintenance of constant communication and attention to detail.

For CGR Creative, milestones are not a time to rejoice in their own success, but, rather, they are a time to celebrate the successes of past and present clients.  This is because, at CGR, their final goal is not to reach a milestone or complete a project.  For the CGR team, your goals are their goals, which is why, milestone or no milestone, their biggest source of commendation and recognition is you, the client, always.

For more information regarding the variety of ways CGR Creative can benefit your company or brand, visit their website: cgrcreative.com.

Our mission is to understand your marketing needs and partner with you to develop measurable creative solutions to gain visibility and market share.