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Everything starts with a simple idea, and for global security provider Checkpoint Security Systems, CGR Creative has been able to translate these ideas into dynamic sales tools and creative representations unmatched by their competitors. Our design team has built a collateral portfolio of clean, concise brochures, business cards, leave behinds, and tradeshow booths, all with consistent and modern displays of visual excellence.

Another marketing milestone for CheckPoint has been a three-part video series, capturing the evolution of the organization and their ongoing ability to adapt to changes in industry trends. Through seamless animation, handpicked voice-over talent, eloquent scriptwriting, and meticulous editing, CGR Creative has provided an enduring and engaging multimedia campaign with global reach.

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The partnership has flourished and now encompasses more technical projects, including the recent addition of an advanced web-based application, developed by the CGR Creative team. With this added resource, the Checkpoint salesforce is now equipped with a valuable sales tool, revolutionary to the industry. It’s clear, through the combined efforts and continued collaboration of the internal marketing department at Checkpoint, CGR Creative team, the future growth of this global retailer will emain in safe hands.

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