CTL Packaging Usa

A Local Presence with Global Reach

In late 2012, global tube manufacturer CTL Packaging celebrated the opening of their USA branch, located in Dallas, NC. While basic branding standards had been supplied at time of launch, there was a large need for a localized approach that would enable their efforts to penetrate the US market.

Since before CTL’s official opening in North Carolina, CGR Creative has worked diligently with the USA branch’s development team to create a crisp, easily accessible website that emotes the brand’s dedication to superior quality. The site features a custom lead gathering tool as well a full suite of tracking capabilities, which report on user identity, behavior, and conversion paths.

Another large element of this project includes a mix of print and digital media buying campaigns negotiated by the CGR Creative team, all accompanied by robust tracking methods that measure the success of every dollar allocated. Naturally, where there is print, there is design.

CGR Creative has not only designed all of the digital and print representations of the brand, but we have also translated the power of advertising aesthetic onto the sample tubes shared with CTL Packaging’s customers. The sample products are complemented by distinctive, custom designed packaging, bringing the imagery and integrity of their brand full circle.

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CTL Packaging USA