Banco de la Gente

Better Brand, Better Banking

As a business evolves, so does their approach and, many times, so does their market. This is exactly what brought Banco De La Gente, a branch of People’s Bank to CGR’s door. Originally intended to cater to a very specific market, Banco’s ability to assist their members in reaching their financial goals had caused the demographic to outgrow their services as well as their brand. Through a total revitalization of their services, mission, approach, and, of course, branding, Banco has been able to successfully entice—and retain—a larger market. What started as a somewhat modest rebranding project led to a thriving partnership and a long-term vision much bigger than ever imagined.


CGR Creative was able to consult with Banco on the “Big Picture” because, at CGR Creative, we know marketing isn’t just a small piece of business strategy; it’s everything. Since our partnering, we have been able to provide Banco with state-of-the-art print materials and promotional items that have allowed them to enhance their image in creative and effective ways.


Additionally, CGR Creative has played a leading role in their multimedia presence, as we’ve successfully conceptualized and produced a variety of videos for both online and broadcast mediums. Since the pilot of their first animated online commercial, we’ve provided Banco with a diverse multi-media portfolio, which include the use of animation, talent sourcing, and advanced editing techniques. The latest project in the works is development of a mobile application that will further solidify Banco De La Gente as a world-class banking institution, capable of providing their members with the financial solutions they deserve—no matter where they are!

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Banco de la Gente