Air Compressor Services

From Concept to Commerce

Average people can take a dream and make it a reality. Exceptional people take a dream and make it a success. When transforming an ecommerce idea into a solution, it requires more than a handful of programmers and Adwords campaigns; it takes a team that understands business. This is why, when two industry pros decided it was time to apply their years of experience and create a nationally recognized, online retailer of air compressor parts, they trusted none other than CGR Creative.

Through a full analysis of their business plan, we launched, creating an online marketplace that would be the perfect balance of accessibility, functionality, and sustainability. The ACS website embodies an ideal ecommerce solution, featuring precise categorization, filtering over 8,000 products, and a secure shopping experience that allows users to execute each transaction with ease. While the phrase “Build it, and they will come” may apply to the spirits of baseball legends, this is certainly not a methodology fit for an ecommerce site. Through rigorous A/B testing, conversion analysis, and evaluation of competitor trends, CGR Creative has developed ever-evolving PPC and emarketing campaigns, which are modified almost daily to ensure the true ROI of their budget is consistently realized.

The final component of the brand’s visibility strategy is an engaging content marketing strategy which utilizes their newly-formed Social Media platforms, e-mail campaigns, and the recent addition of their onsite blog. CGR Creative is currently working closely with Air Compressor Services to further diversify their content portfolio, so be sure to check back to see what “role” we’ll be playing in their on-going marketing efforts.


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Air Compressor Services