Analytics And ROI Tracking

Data-driven decisions mean bottom line results.

It all comes down to the bottom line.

We get it. No, really--we do. This is why we’ve made tracking, analytics and reporting a standalone service category. It’s that important.

Having an analytics script on your site isn’t always enough to get the insights you need. Regardless of which analytics tool you’re using, the data provided can be overwhelming. So many numbers, so many charts, and for you, so much added work, as you struggle to measure your own success.

At CGR Creative, we take pride in our ability to define the proper metrics to measure success, while also pinpointing the ROI generated by all aspects of your digital marketing. We’ll even help you present your success in a way that key stakeholders will appreciate and understand.

You’re welcome. We know you haven’t thanked us yet, but trust us, you will.

Application Development Services Include:

Industry & Competitive Analysis | Keyword Research | Adobe Analytics | Google Analytics | Baseline/benchmark reporting | ROI Tracking | Custom Reporting

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iMap ROI Calculator


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